Inside Kent magazine - June 2021

Inside Kent magazine - June 2021

Claude & Leighton Ladies with headdresses figurative art prints featured in Inside Kent magazine June 2021

A big thank you to Inside Kent magazine for including three of our portrait art prints in their Curated Home feature, in which they look at choosing art for the home.

We are thrilled that the magazine used our image of Lady with the Purple RoseLady with the Mauve Carnation, and Lady with the Magenta Flower, which express femininity and the multifaceted layers of women, across two thirds of a spread. 

Under publisher rights licensing rules, for certain publications we are unfortunately not allowed to show a copy of the actual coverage. But this is the Claude & Leighton image that the magazine used in the feature.

You can read the June issue of Inside Kent magazine online. You'll find us on pages 124 and 125 of the issue.

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