Red art prints & posters

Red art prints & posters

Striking red art prints & posters

Buy red wall art, prints & posters online at Claude & Leighton

Claude & Leighton offers wall art, prints and posters in a variety of shades and hues of red, which will enhance your home and office beautifully.

Red geometric posters, ruby red mosaic-style prints, red typography wall art, and many more ways to add a passionate splash of red to your interiors.

All about the colour red

Red is a very visible colour, hot, powerful, dramatic, energetic and exciting. It is often associated with passion, romance, anger and danger.

Red is a colour that attracts attention quickly and enables quick decisions, which is why it is often used to warn about danger.

In terms of interior decor, it should be used carefully and in the right shades. Too much of the wrong red could raise blood pressure and lead to feelings of agitation, aggression and energy, preventing relaxation in the space.

Red is ideal for adding dramatic statements and accent colour to a room.

From hot red colour shades to rich and dark red colours, reds include crimson, scarlet, ruby, brick, blood-red, rust, and Venetian red.

So make a dramatic statement with our red prints and posters. And if you need help choosing, just get in touch.