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Orange art prints & posters

Juicy Orange Art Prints & Posters

Orange wall art, prints & posters from Claude & Leighton

Art prints, posters and wall art in vibrant shades of orange to add accent colour to your home, are available at Claude & Leighton.

Orange abstract art, vivid deep orange landscapes, peachy orange floral prints, punchy orange typography posters, and more, to add a splash of colour to a room.

All about the colour orange

Orange is a cheerful, optimistic and fun colour. It is a harmonious blend of red and yellow, and simply bursts with warmth and energy. A colour strongly associated with nature. Think sublime sunsets, sizzling fires, healthy fruit and veg, and autumn splendor.

Orange is a colour to lift the spirits. According to colour psychology, orange inspires hope, positivity and motivation.

It is said that being in an environment with orange walls or decor can increase oxygen to the brain and stimulate creativity.

There are very many shades of orange, including burnt orange, pumpkin, tangerine, vermilion, and cadmium orange.

So why not add some happy, positive colour to your walls with our range of vibrant orange prints and posters.

If you can't find the wall art that you want, or if you have any questions, then please get in touch so that we can assist.