Buy abstract wall art, art prints and digital paintings at Claude & Leighton.

Abstract Art Prints

Amazing abstract art prints & posters

Abstract wall art, prints and posters are aplenty to browse and to buy at Claude & Leighton.

Prints from abstract paintings, watercolour and oil abstracts, geometric abstracts, abstract art composition photography. Abstracts that enable you to be bold and add statement and colour to a room.

What is abstract art? 

Abstract art is not bound to reality. It is not about being visually realistic, but instead makes a statement using strokes, marks, colours, and shapes. That doesn't mean that you won't often see recognisable forms, ideas or messages in an abstract piece. Yet these forms are likely to appear simplified, customised, unrealistic or organic.

Sometimes abstract art may be purely be about design or composition and expression of colours and shapes, which have no "real-world" source. 

Your own eye and interpretation are what will define each piece of abstract art for you.

About geometric art

Our abstract collection includes geometric art. Geometric art is a form of abstract art which has existed throughout history, although as a genre it was popularised by artists in the early 20th century. It is abstraction based on geometric form and compositions of those forms, often resulting in patterns and motifs. Unlike organic shapes, geometric shapes, such as rectangles, have clear edges. Most geometric shapes are created by human hands, although nature-made crystals are also considered to be geometric.

Geometric shapes, lines, circles, squares, triangles...go on, add some bold shape statements to your home or office.

Our range of abstract prints probably gives away the fact that we really, really love abstract art at Claude & Leighton! Abstract art is after all one of our core skill specialities. 

So take a look at our selection. If you can't find the abstract piece that you want, or if you have any questions, then please get in touch so that we can help.