Buy botanical & floral wall art prints & digital paintings at Claude & Leighton. Flower & leaf art in beautiful colours & various sizes.

Floral Art

Beautiful botanical, flower & foliage art prints & posters

At Claude & Leighton we have a wonderful selection of botanical art prints, flower and plant wall art and posters to bring artistic elements of nature to your home or office.

We have still life art prints of flowers in vases, posters of leaves and foliage, fine art photography and prints of leaves, trees and flowers, and much more.

All about botanical art

Strictly speaking botanical art and illustration refers to artwork which is scientifically and botanically correct in its portrayal of a flower or plant. The artwork is accurate for identification of plants and use by botanists. And their aesthetic qualities for those purposes, and not for art.

All about flower and plant art

Whereas, paintings, drawings and photography of flowers, plants, foliage, trees, etc. purely for the purposes of pleasure and making art, should not accurately be described as botanical. Here genres will include still life, such as flowers in vases, paintings of flowers and foliage in landscapes, drawings of plants, photography of leaves and petals, etc. The styles may be impressionistic or abstract, colours may be aesthetic and unrealistic, size may be interpreted, and details omitted or exaggerated. The outcome being for enjoyment and aesthetic purposes, not for education, information or science.   

Yet, as with many words, the term "botanical" has been borrowed and is frequently used as a term to encompass a wide range of art featuring flowers, plants & trees, etc.  

So take a look at our selection of botanical and flower art, our plant prints and posters to see if you can find the natural expression you're looking for.

If you can't find it, or if you have any questions, then please contact us so that we can help.