Art for interior design spaces & commercial projects

Art for interior design spaces & commercial projects

Art tailored to your clients' spaces

At Claude & Leighton® attention to detail is key. We know that the details matter. As does quality and commitment.

Our team has many years of experience in working with clients, both residential and commercial, including interior designers and property developers, to create bespoke art and choose the right art for the space.  

Plus years of working both design agency-side and client-side. So we have experienced the designer-client relationship from all angles. And understand what goes into a good working relationship and how important all the elements are. 

We work with and supply artwork to interior designers, architects, project managers and developers, business owners, offices, hotels and restaurants.  

So why should interior designers & commercial clients source art with Claude & Leighton?

First and foremost, we must say that the art is fabulous!
And if we create something bespoke for you, it will be stunning!

Claude & Leighton works closely with interior designers to provide the right art for clients
Plus, critical things that matter are:
  • Consulting with you, and/or your clients, to understand the brief, the needs, the wants, and the expectations.
  • Feeling the project, enthusiasm, inspiration, excitement, and motivation.
  • Translating the brief into clearly defined project proposals.
  • Working within defined budgets
  • Working to agreed deadlines and delivering on time.
  • Communicating and keeping all involved parties informed.
  • Working as part of a project team, where applicable.
  • Designing, creating, executing and delivering art that not only works in the space, as part of your vision, but which wows and delights you and, importantly, your clients.

Those details we mentioned? We take those seriously from start to finish. Every element that goes into the creation and the finish of our artwork is designed, made or sourced in the UK. Our premium quality materials, our high quality UK handmade frames, our packaging... 

Our printing is done in-house for standard sizes so that we control the printed quality of the art we have lovingly created. For larger format printed pieces, we work with trusted local suppliers.

If you specify an original artwork from us then it will be created with the utmost care and passion, again using gallery-quality and professional grade materials, sourced in the UK.

We can work on a variety of surfaces (canvas, wood, metal, plexiglass) and our imagination is wide open, ready, willing and excited to create.

Art & design are our raison d'être, so delivering art that delights and exceeds your expectations is not only critical to our business, but it makes us very happy.

Let us help you make sourcing the right prints, posters or or original art for your projects easy.

Shall we start by having a conversation?

Let's chat: email, phone, Zoom, WhatsApp,... - it's all good for us.


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