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Landscape & Seascape Art

Lovely landscape & seascape art prints & posters

We hope that you love our selection of landscape and seascape art at Claude & Leighton.

We have exclusive prints from original landscape and seascape paintings by British artist Jayne Leighton Herd, as well as landscape photography. 

What is landscape art? 

Landscape art is the depiction of scenery such as countryside, fields, mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests. The landscape will generally form the main composition of the art, but will also usually include sky, sometimes very prominently. Jayne loves featuring big, bold skies in her art.

Landscape scenes in art may be entirely imaginary, perhaps semi-abstract or abstract, with varying degrees of realism. Or they may be accurate copies of a scene.

Landscape art covers a wide range of painting styles and genres including abstract, impressionism, realism, surrealism and photo-realism, with something to suit all tastes.

What is seascape art? 

A seascape is a work of art that depicts the sea. Seascapes first became popular in the Romantic era as a form of marine art.

Seascapes come in various different styles from abstract to impressionist.

Seascapes appeal to art lovers of all ages and are popular art choices for homes and offices. And also for commercial spaces, such as restaurants and spas, where they can be used to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere..

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