Neutral art prints & posters

Neutral art prints & posters

Neutral art prints & posters

Buy neutral wall art prints posters online at Claude & Leighton

We created this category of neutral prints & posters to make it easy for you to choose  art which doesn't feature strong, dominant colour. These are pieces which have a calming effect, and which work particularly well on walls painted in a strong colour, creating amazing contrast. Or in spaces where relaxation is key.

Choose from a range of wall art, prints and posters that could be described as without colour, in ivory, cream, grey, taupe & shades of white.

All about neutral colours

Neutral colours are created when you mix two complementary colours together with varying amounts of white. Neutrals are used to make bright, strong colours appear even more vibrant and interesting, whether that's in a painting or in the decor in a room.

People are attracted to bright, saturated colours. We are used to seeing them wherever we go. But we also need neutral, calm areas among all the bright saturation, so that we are not overwhelmed by it, and are able to focus on different areas.

Neutrals should never be written off as bland or boring. Used effectively, they add interest and create important, subtle variations, in art and in interior design.

Look out for underlying tones in neutrals. For example, whites may be off-white, ivory, blue or peach. Beige often has an undertone of pink.

So if you are looking neutral art which is soft and calming, or to provide a contrast to a strong wall colour, then take a look at our selection. And don't forget to ask if you need help choosing.