The Story of Claude & Leighton

Claude & Leighton® is an online print and poster gallery, offering contemporary designer art prints, posters, wall sculptures and wall clocks, lovingly created and delivered to you by husband and wife team Laurent Stadelmann and Jayne Leighton Herd. 

A bit about Jayne

Jayne is a British professional artist & designer known for her bold, exciting and vibrant original abstract, landscape and seascape paintings. Her ongoing series of originals are unique, bold colourful statement paintings, with intriguing incorporation of metallic paints, and often painted on more unusual surfaces such plexiglass (perspex glass). Jayne has been a professional artist for over 15 years, and prior to that her background was in advertising creation and graphic design.

A bit about Laurent

While Jayne is the main creative force in the partnership, French-born Laurent is the business mind, who drives the company and makes things happen smoothly. With impeccable design taste, and natural French flair, Laurent enjoys influencing choices and design directions behind the scenes.  With many years of experience in running companies, Laurent loves business and ecommerce, and focuses on developing Claude & Leighton to bring the experience and pleasure of Jayne's creativity to others. He is also passionate about offering a quality customer experience. 

Why create Claude & Leighton?

What does Claude & Leighton offer its customers?

Where does the name Claude & Leighton come from?

Growing up, Jayne and Laurent both had strong creative role models in their lives. In both cases, family members who inspired them creatively and motivated them with their entrepreneurial spirits and work ethics. 

In Jayne's case, it was her beloved mum, Leigh, who encouraged her creative development at an early age, starting with the seemingly endless funding of art materials and craft kits. Hours of working together on arty projects and creations throughout Jayne's childhood. Even writing and illustrating stories together. Jayne was also fascinated by Leigh's early career in performing arts, as a professional dancer, and would spend hours poring over Leigh's career photo album. An album full of photos of her beautiful mother in stunning costumes; meeting, dining and working with well-known people of the era; programs for amazing theatre shows and films. While Jayne chose a path to visual arts, rather than performing arts, she has no doubt that her mum was a huge influence on her creative development. 

For Laurent, it was his uncle, Jean-Claude. A master of confectionery creations, mouthwatering and beautiful French patisserie, Jean-Claude was driven to work with his passion. During his childhood Laurent watched his uncle work hard to follow his chosen path as a chef, with his desire to ultimately set-up his own bakery. Jean-Claude was a bon-vivant and raconteur, much loved by his family. An influence on Laurent's life and work ethic. 

So the name Claude & Leighton is formed from parts of Jayne and Laurent's own names, and also honours two people who live on in their hearts.