Purple art prints & posters

Purple art prints & posters

Perfect purple art prints & posters

Buy purple prints, posters & wall art online at Claude & Leighton

Choose from a range of wall art, prints and posters in a variety of shades and hues of purple at Claude & Leighton.

Lilac abstract cityscape art, purple and burgundy prints of landscape paintings, purple abstract wall art, and many more ways to add a luxurious accent of purple to a room or office.

All about the colour purple

Purple mixes the dramatic energy of red, with the calm of blue. Purple has a long history of being a colour associated with royalty, as well as with luxury, power, extravagance and creativity.

In nature, purple is quite rare compared to other colours, and purple flowers, such as lavender and orchids, are often seen as special, precious and often sacred.

The colour purple is achieved by mixing a strong warm colour with a strong cool colour, and as a result purple has both warm and cool properties. Purple can boost imagination and creativity, yet too much purple can cause moodiness.

In terms of room decor, deep or light purples as accent colours can look stylish and stunning, and create balance and harmony.

There are many shades, values and tints of purple, ranging from red to blue tones, including violet, aubergine, plum, mauve, amethyst, lilac and mulberry.

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