Pink art prints & posters from Claude & Leighton hanging in a living room

Pink art prints & posters

Pretty Pink Art Prints & Posters

Pink posters & art prints from Claude & Leighton

Art prints, posters and wall art in many shades of pink to add accent colour to your home, are available at Claude & Leighton.

Pink abstract prints, rich magenta landscapes, coral and pale pink botanical & floral prints and more, to add a blush of colour to a room.

All about the colour pink

It is said that pink is a "frivolous colour that lives between red and white". Since basic pink is the result of the colours red and white mixed together, it is known as a tint.

Add more colours and you start to achieve variations of pink. Berry pinks are blue-based, and salmon pinks are orange based. And then there is the luscious hot pink, also known as Fuchsia pink.

The colour pink is often synonymous with femininity, romance, fun and sweetness. It is a gentle, playful and joyful colour. A colour which often delights: a pink rose in bloom, a pink sky in the evening, icing on a cake or strawberry ice-cream.

You will have noticed from our large range of colour pink prints and posters, that we do love the colour!

So we have gathered together all our pink, magenta and coral colour art prints and posters in this one section so that you can easily browse and choose your favourites.

If you can't find the print or poster that you want, or if you have any questions, then please get in touch so that we can assist.