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We love art and composition photography at Claude & Leighton, which is why we make sure to have a fabulous selection of fine art photography for you.

Moody black & white photography, soft focus ethereal photos of nature, architectural and nature photography, composition photography, always with strong statement and expression.

All About Fine Art Photography

In a nutshell fine art photography is all about the expression of the photographer as an artist. This type of photography creates an expression of emotion, aesthetic or ideas. Capturing details, textures, shapes, colours.  Perhaps creating a composition out of several photographs to create a story or take you into another world.

It is not about visual accounts of subjects and events in representative photographs, or the subjective aims of commercial photography.

Fine art is about an artist's vision and intention, something that they want to convey in the work. Fine art photography is no different in that respect. It is an original and deliberate creation. An art piece that makes a statement of the artist's vision, rather than capturing what the camera sees or recording a scene.

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