Animal & bird art prints & original digital paintings are available to buy online at Claude & Leighton.

Animal & Bird Art

Animal art prints & posters

Most people love animals, just like we do. And adding an animal art print or poster to a room can add a lovely touch of warmth and a smile each time it's seen. That's why we have a fabulously happy collection of animal & fauna wall art, prints and posters to browse and buy at Claude & Leighton.

Dog prints. cat prints. Prints of horses, birds and butterflies. We hope you love our selection of animal art.

The portrayal of animals in art 

Animals have featured in art since the time of cave paintings. Think of all the myths and legends and accompanying illustrations that tell tales of animals. All the books featuring animal characters that we read to children.

Animals are a constant in our lives and as such a constant source of inspiration for art. 
Animal art also helps us define and explore our relationships to animals in rural life, wildlife and our environment.

Putting a piece of art featuring an animal on a wall can simply bring a smile to the face of everyone who looks at it.    

Take a look at our range of animal and fauna prints and posters, and find one that makes you go aw!  

If you can't find the animal art that you want, or if you have any questions, then please get in touch so that we can help.