Ways to bring spring colours 2022 into your home

Ways to bring spring colours 2022 into your home

Ways to bring spring colours 2022 into your home - blog post by Claude & Leighton

Winter may feel cold and gloomy right now, but remember, spring is just around the corner. And with spring comes that burst of new life, and fresh spring colours. You feel the gentle touch of sun on your skin again, and see the first flowers bloom in the garden. That’s when it’s time to think about refreshing your home, doing the traditional spring clean, and perhaps adding some natural and warm spring colours.

This article, as with all our posts about interiors and colour trends, is not about slavishly following trends and changing everything in your home. It’s about looking at current styles, discovering what’s new for home interiors, and giving you some ideas and inspiration. And, if you do fancy a change in your home decor, then we suggest easy ways to add a trend touch. For example, simply by adding some art.

Let’s take a look together at some perfect spring colours and ideas for your home.

Adding yellow and green as spring 2022 colours to your home - Claude & Leighton

Featured Claude & Leighton line drawing art prints: Woman Lying Down and Woman Sitting

What are the colours for spring 2022?

The first step to getting that fresh spring look in your home is deciding which colours will be best for you and your living spaces. If you’re wondering what spring colours are popular right now and trending? Well, the answer is there a quite a few of them. So we will be looking at various colours over several posts. [Don’t forget to subscribe to our email updates so that you don’t miss them. 😁] If you don't already have a favourite colour, or would like some inspiration for this upcoming season, these are two of the colours associated with spring this year... 

Green & yellow sing spring colour

Green is one of the most popular spring colours this year, as it perfectly embodies the rebirth of nature during springtime. And a re-connection with outdoor life. From soft muted and pale greens to emerald green to bright lime green hues, there is a green to suit any spring style. You may see the term Grow Green used to embody the embrace of this natural colour in home decor. Calming grey-greens are also likely to be popular.

Our Fields of Green nature art print looks naturally lovely with this forest green sofa.

Green nature print Fields of Green by Claude & Leighton looks fab with a forest green sofa

Yellow is a sunny colour which can instantly brighten up any space. It's perfect for injecting some happiness into your home during springtime. Yellow can feel fresh or exciting, yet it also has a feeling of reassuring familiarity. A colour full of optimism which again gives us a feeling of connection to the natural world outside. From mellow and lemon yellows to vibrant golds, there is a yellow for every taste.

Thinking about what to use as spring colours for your living room?

Yellow and green can work very well together in a living space, perhaps in a sunroom or conservatory. We’ve grouped our yellow geometric art print with a bright yellow armchair and a green room divider screen for a bright and happy spring look.

Claude & Leighton's yellow geometric art print is ideal for a bright living space in yellow and pale green

Ideas for bringing spring colours into your home

Once you have selected your favourite spring colour, it's time to think about how you can use it in your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Artwork – it’s no surprise that our number one, and in our opinion the easiest way to bring spring colours into your home, is always by adding art. From original paintings to prints with spring-inspired patterns and colours, there are so many great options available for you to choose from!

Here we’ve paired our lavender geometric art print with a pale green cushion and throw – ideal a soft light reading nook.

Lavender geometric art print by Claude & Leighton looks lovely in a pale green and white reading nook


Florals & botanical patterns – florals are an evergreen trend that never gets old! They are synonymous with spring. From bright floral prints to elegant embroidery, not to mention vases of fresh cut blooms, flowers will bring a touch of spring freshness into your home.

Think about flowers and florals in prints and patterns of different styles. Are you bold enough to try a floral wallpaper?

If that’s a step too far, it’s simple to add floral artwork, such as our Pink & Yellow Pastel Flower Garden art print.

Add pretty spring colour with Claude & Leighton's Pink & Yellow Pastel Flower Garden art print

Painting walls - decorating one or two walls in a spring paint colour can be a relatively straightforward and affordable way to update your home for spring.

Our abstract digital painting, a Walk in the Alps, hangs on wall painted in a fabulous shade of green. It works well with the pale green cushion and fab neutral striped rug.

A Walk in the Alps green abstract art print by Claude & Leighton

Accessories & soft furnishings - from vases and cushions to rugs and bed linen, there are a multitude of accessories in spring colours that can help you update your home for the season.

This crisp white and green bedding looks so spring fresh. Our wild olive green ampersand typography print adds a perfect finishing touch.

Wild olive green ampersand typography poster by Claude & Leighton

Furniture - buying new furniture is a big cost commitment and item that you will want to live with for a while. If you're feeling brave and creative, why not consider painting an old piece of furniture in a bright spring hue? Then add some new spring cushions and artwork to finish off the zone around your new furniture.

We love this beautifully painted wooden green armchair which looks fab with brightly coloured cushions and our Floral Leaves art prints in yellow, pink and green.
Floral leaves botanical art prints in yellow, pink and green by Claude & Leighton

There are so many ways that you can bring some spring colours into your home, starting with as little effort and money spent as possible by adding art and accessories.

So what do you think? Will you be adding a splash of spring colour to your home or work space? And are you for the yellows, the greens, or both colours together? Leave us a comment below. 😀

Best wishes,

Jayne Leighton Herd
Artist & Designer 


Pin Ways to Bring Spring Colours 2022 into Your Home by Claude & Leighton

Jayne Leighton Herd

Jayne Leighton Herd is a British professional artist and designer. She has been successfully selling her original abstract and landscape paintings for over 17 years. She co-founded Claude & Leighton in 2020 with her husband Laurent, as an online art destination for fine art print reproductions of her original art, her figurative work, and her original digital artwork. Jayne regularly writes blog posts and articles to share her knowledge and experience of art and working with colour, and to help and inspire people to bring art, colour and design into their homes and offices.

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