Valentine’s Day Gifts for Art Lovers

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Art Lovers

What can I send instead of flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day gifts for art lovers - gift guide by Claude & Leighton

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! (If time’s currently a blur and you’re now thinking: when's Valentine's Day? It’s on 14 February! 🤣) Are you wracking your brain to come up with the perfect gift for your significant other? (Especially if you need a Valentine's gift for him.) Or wondering: what can I give instead of flowers for Valentine’s Day? Thankfully, we've got the solution – art!

Art makes a great gift for several reasons: it's unique and personal. A gift with thought and emotion. And bonus, it can even be a gift that’s perfect for two, something that both of you enjoy together.

In this blog post, we discuss why art makes such a wonderful present. And we've put together a valentine gift guide to give you some ideas of art to choose.

Your someone special will think of you every time they see the art

Buying art as a gift is the perfect way to show how much you care. Whether your partner is an art lover or not, they will appreciate the thought and effort that you put into finding the perfect gift. And they'll think of you and smile every time they see it (which may be every day).

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for art - Claude & Leighton

It’s a personal gift

Unlike the standard Valentine’s gifts, art is something that can be enjoyed for years to come. Roses and chocolates rarely even last a week! We think a piece of floral art makes a lovely gift.

Give a gift of Claude & Leighton floral art this Valentine's or Mother's Day

Featured art above: Blue Vase of Pink & White Flowers 

Art is a personal gift – you can choose an art print that reflects the interests and personality of the person you're giving it to. Not only will it brighten up their room or office, but they'll enjoy looking at it, and talking about it with you. And showing it to their friends.

Our Memories of a Song abstract art print below would make a great Valentine's Day gift for him: for his office or man cave.

Claude & Leighton abstract art Valentine's Day gift for him. Perfect for his office or man cave wall.

Some ways to choose the perfect gift of art

You may say we’re biased, but we think art is a perfect gift for any occasion. And Valentine’s Day should be no exception. Want to know another cool thing about giving art as a Valentine’s present? You get to enjoy plenty of art while you choose which piece to give! And then hopefully you get to enjoy the art you give afterwards too. 😁

Give a fun, quirky gift of art with our Kissy Lips art print below.

Give a fun, quirky gift of art this Valentine's Day: Kissy Lips art print by Claude & Leighton

There are so many different styles of artwork out there. So here are a few things to think about to narrow it down:

  • Are you going to choose an original painting or an art print? Budget will be a key factor in determining this. But remember there are art options for all purses and wallets.
  • Does your loved one have a favourite artist?
  • Do they have a preference for a particular genre of art (e.g. abstracts, landscapes or figurative art)?
  • Could you relate the art to an interest or hobby?
  • Would they like a piece of art in their favourite colour?
  • Do they need an artwork for a particular room? Their office, craft room, reading nook, boudoir, or man cave?
  • Would you like the art to trigger a particular memory or emotion?
  • Would they enjoy a fun or quirky print, such as a line drawing, or some typography art? (Perhaps something with a touch of French chic!)

 Claude & Leighton French typography art prints make fantastic Valentine's Day gifts

The important thing is to choose art that you know they will love to hang on their walls at home or in their office. No matter what your spouse or partner's tastes and interests are, you can find an artwork that will speak to them.

Can Valentine's Day be for friends & family too?

Why not? Expressing love doesn't have to be just for couples. Show friends and family you love them too with a simple message or a phone call. Use the day as a perfect reason to celebrate a friendship by spending time together doing something you both love. If you have children, make cards and little decorations to hang in their rooms.

Express some love with our sets of mini art prints with designs in a variety of styles.

Give a gift of art with Claude & Leighton sets of mini art prints

Featured mini art print set: Pink Abstract Lines Female Faces

A few more Valentine's Gift Guide ideas

Claude & Leighton has a range of wonderful art prints perfect for Valentines Gifts in their romantic art collection


Hope you found this Valentine gift guide helpful? Plus, don't forget to check out our whole collection of romantic art prints.

Do let us know which one you choose, and send us a pic of it in its new home. 😀 

Best wishes,


Valentines Day Gifts for Art Lovers - gift guide ideas by Claude & Leighton

Jayne Leighton Herd

Jayne Leighton Herd is a British professional artist and designer. She has been successfully selling her original abstract and landscape paintings for over 17 years. She co-founded Claude & Leighton in 2020 with her husband Laurent, as an online art destination for fine art print reproductions of her original art, her figurative work, and her original digital artwork. Jayne regularly writes blog posts and articles to share her knowledge and experience of art and working with colour, and to help and inspire people to bring art, colour and design into their homes and offices.

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