It's our 1 year anniversary at Claude & Leighton

It's our 1 year anniversary at Claude & Leighton

Get a free A4 print on us to celebrate

It's 12 August and today we're celebrating! It's one whole year since we launched Claude & Leighton. So, Happy Birthday to us! 😁🎉

And what's a Birthday without presents? So, find out further down how we plan to include you in our Birthday treats...

When we launched Claude & Leighton on 12 August 2020 in sweltering 35 degree Celsius heat, in the midst of a pandemic, people may have thought us crazy.

But we were determined to continue living our passions, to bring our dream of Claude & Leighton to life in spite of all the Covid challenges, and to share more art with people. We hoped to make people smile during those difficult times, and to brighten those walls we all had to remain within.

Claude & Leighton celebrate 1 year anniversary

Jayne Leighton Herd & Laurent Stadelmann, Founders of Claude & Leighton

Since then, what a year it has been, and what a fantastic journey! The highs, and, of course, some lows, and the fun of starting a new business. We have created and introduced art in a variety of genres, added our heart and soul into every element, including our packaging design, and have been thrilled at the response from our customers. We are so grateful for all the support.

And we have also been delighted by the press interest and coverage we have received. A great start for a new little British biz.

Claude & Leighton art prints design as featured in the press

 Just a few of the publications that have featured us in our first year!


And now it's time for a gift! 

Claude & Leighton gift packaging for wall art prints & digital originals

Get a free A4 print with your order

Sorry you missed it , but this offer has now ended!

But the good news is that if you join our free Art Print Club then you will be the first to know about our next offer, as well as benefiting from other member exclusives. 😀


We cannot wait to see what our second year brings, and we hope that you will continue to share our journey with us. 

Best wishes,


Jayne & Laurent
Founders, Claude & Leighton

Jayne Leighton Herd

Jayne Leighton Herd is a British professional artist and designer. She has been successfully selling her original abstract and landscape paintings for over 17 years. She co-founded Claude & Leighton in 2020 with her husband Laurent, as an online art destination for fine art print reproductions of her original art, her figurative work, and her original digital artwork. Jayne regularly writes blog posts and articles to share her knowledge and experience of art and working with colour, and to help and inspire people to bring art, colour and design into their homes and offices.

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