6 ways to create a romantic master bedroom with wall art

6 ways to create a romantic master bedroom with wall art

6 ways to create a romantic master bedroom with wall art by Claude & Leighton

There's no better way to bring that sense of love into your bedroom every day than with some beautiful art. In addition to some well-placed mood lighting and some snuggly throws, hanging some romantic bedroom artwork is an easy step to creating just the right feeling of romance.

Whether you're looking for minimalist design or colourful finishing touches, art can help bring your bedroom decor together in no time. So make your bedroom feel like a romantic haven or a sensual boudoir with these 6 bedroom art ideas.

Art that speaks the language of love

Is French the language of love? Arguably, but that could be the start of a long debate! There is, however, no doubt that the language is perceived as musical and harmonious. And quite often words do sound a little more romantic or exotic in French.

So hanging some uplifting contemporary typography bedroom art prints in French will add a little sprinkle of amour.

You could blow yourself a little kiss every day with our fun French Bisous red lips artwork.

Hang art that speaks the language of love for a romantic master bedroom - Claude & Leighton

Add romantic femininity to your walls

Celebrate femininity on the walls of your bedroom with some gorgeous female figurative art. A beautifully mysterious portrait of a woman in a floral headdress perhaps... Or a simple yet expressive line drawing of an abstract female face.

These contemporary and colourful celebrations of women make them especially appealing for romantic bedrooms!

Celebrate femininity with female figurative art for a romantic bedroom - Claude & Leighton

Red artwork for a deeply romantic bedroom

Red is the most passionate of colours. It's also known to stimulate desire and create passion in a relationship, which makes it perfect for bedroom decor! Just don’t overdo the red since you do have to sleep there too.

Our red and pink abstract art gives a soft, romantic feel to this room. The layers and textures in the art work beautifully with the cosy layers of red and green soft furnishings.

Red abstract artwork for a romantic bedroom by Claude & Leighton

Floral art for a pretty romantic touch

Nothing says romance quite like some beautiful flowers. So it makes sense to bring some pretty floral art into your bedroom.

Below, our delicate watercolour art in pretty pastel lavender adds a fresh and feminine touch. A perfect way to bring nature and femininity into a romantic bedroom space.

Floral art for a romantic bedroom feel - Claude & Leighton

Romantic scenery art that takes you elsewhere

The bedroom is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day. When you feel like taking a break from the stresses of everyday life, head to your bedroom and escape into some romantic scenery.

These dreamy Scottish landscape paintings should do the trick.

Dreamy scottish landscape art perfect for creating a romantic bedroom escape - Claude & Leighton

The art of seduction

When it comes to bedroom artwork, pieces depicting the sensuality of body form and skin are obvious choices.

Sometimes subtlety works best, with the beauty of the naked body being conveyed in a minimalist way in our two nude female form line drawing art prints.

Body form line art drawings for a romantic bedroom - Claude & Leighton

Which romantic bedroom art prints will you be choosing to hang on the wall above your bed?

Best wishes,

Jayne Leighton Herd
Artist & Designer 


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Jayne Leighton Herd

Jayne Leighton Herd is a British professional artist and designer. She has been successfully selling her original abstract and landscape paintings for over 17 years. She co-founded Claude & Leighton in 2020 with her husband Laurent, as an online art destination for fine art print reproductions of her original art, her figurative work, and her original digital artwork. Jayne regularly writes blog posts and articles to share her knowledge and experience of art and working with colour, and to help and inspire people to bring art, colour and design into their homes and offices.

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